Infinity-USA TS-160 Robusto Cine Kit

  • Infinity-USA TS-160 Robusto Cine Kit with PL or EF Mount, is a very unique imaging system used for commercial, advertising, table-top & special effects
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  • All-metal construction
  • Precision internal focus adjustment
  • Direct focus from infinity to 18mm as well as 0-16x on Full-Frame Sensors
  • Better depth of field
  • Built-in gearing for motor attachment
  • Each SFX Lens provides Deep Focus, Forced Persective & Soft Focus
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    • System includes
    • TS-160 Robusto
    • TS-160 Macro Objective
    • TS-160 Micro HM Objective
    • TS-160 SFX-1 Lens (100mm) Infinity to 20″
    • TS-160 SFX-2 Lens ( 50mm) Infinity to 6″
    • TS-160 SFx-3 Lens (33mm) Infinity to 2″
    • PL or EF Mount
    • Large Mount Clamp
    • Case


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