Atlas Orion Series Set “B” Anamorphic Prime Lens Set

    Atlas “Orion Series” Anamorphic Prime Lens Set B includes 32mm, 50mm & 80mm Anamorphic Prime Lenses, & transport case.
    Specify PL or EF mount.

    Each lens in Set B are identical regarding the following specifications:
    T-Stop Range: T2 – T16
    Front Diameter: 114 mm
    Image Circle: 31 mm
    Alexa Sensor Coverage: 4:3 ANA 23.76×17.89mm
    Red Sensor Coverage: Monstro 7K 6:5 ANA

    Set B Individual Lens Specs :
    Minimum Focus: 1.75 ft / .53 m
    Weight: 4.7lbs / 2.1kg
    Length: 6.7“ / 17cm
    Minimum Focus: 2’5″ / .76m
    Weight: 5lbs / 2.3kg
    Length: 7″ / 17.8cm
    Minimum Focus: 3′ / .91m
    Weight: 6lbs / 2.7kg
    Length: 8.5″ / 21.5cm

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